Sidharth Malhotra Quits Twitter After Posting ‘Sorry, I’m Done’, Fans Get Worried And Then Angry

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Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra caused chaos on social media today after pretending to check out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Sidharth posted “Sorry, I am done,” after changing his DP to black and updating his bio to read ‘Off’. It created an instant agitation among his fans and made his followers to ask if all was well.


The tweet raised the question of why is Sid saying sorry and to whom? What pushed him to do so? Is it because of his alleged love affair? Or is this any kind of publicity stunt? for a moment. Soon, #SidsOffTheGrid became one of the top trends on Twitter. People showed serious concerns for the actor through the platform.


But it didn’t take long to guess that it might be a publicity stunt for his film’s promotion. Everyone got suspicious when actress Rakul Preet Singh, Sidharth’s co-star from the film ‘Aiyaary’, responded to his tweet asking if things were okay with hashtag #SidsOffTheGrid. Her response raised red flags because it’s very unlikely that a closer person is making a concerned query with a hashtag.



If it wouldn’t have been Rakul Preet Singh’s response, this trend might have had lasted longer. After people realized it was gimmick for the promotion of ‘Aiyaary’, this tweet backfired and people started to curse Sidharth and Aiyaary team for such irresponsible trick.


One of the Twitter users shared a screenshot of a message which seemed to be from the film’s marketing team and captioned it: “Absurdity.” The message read: “We’re doing a promotional activity for Aiyaary with Sidharth Malhotra and we want you guys to make as much noise about it as possible. The hashtag is #SidsOffTheGrid. We want you to speculate reasons as to why he’s gone? Where he is? Is something wrong with him?, etc. Let’s make Sid trend all day.”




Now fans and followers are waiting for Sid’s clarification on the matter.

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