Son Tortured In Saudi Arabia Family Writes To Sushma Swaraj For Help

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Kiran ran out of India to save himself and his family from poverty. He had left for Saudi Arabia this September in assurance of employment, but within four months the news of losing his hope of living reached India.
Kiran Sheikh, a resident of Bandhgacha village of Burdwan district in West Bengal took his father’s permission to go Saudi for job. He promised his family members that he will remain in their contact and will call every now and then. Kiran’s family sank in worries when he didn’t call for a fortnight.

Kiran’s brother said, “I was away when Kiran took my father’s permission to go abroad for job. My brother told him that he would keep contact over phone. My father allowed him to go.

We had no information about him for a fortnight. We did not even know where he was staying. After 20 days, he called us saying that they had cheated him. My brother was told that he would be provided an operator’s job for which he paid Rs 2 lakh, but he was given a centering job.”

Kiran’s entire family fell apart when he secretly sent a message how he has been cheated and being tortured and beaten brutally in that foreign country.
“They didn’t feed him and threw him out of the room if he stopped working. Due to extreme torture, he was unable to continue with the work. He was beaten black and blue. He was homeless and starving for two days without any money. He was able to hide his mobile phone safely to contact his family. My brother used to call us after 12 O’clock at night. He pleaded us to rescue him. In his next call, he said that if we are unable to rescue him, he would commit suicide,” Sheikh added.

The moment family received Kiran’s message, they have been running from one person to another in hope of help. From CM Mamata Banerjee to DM, they are writing to every person they can reach. Now, finally they have reached to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj as last of Kiran’s survival.

Let’s see how Sushma Swaraj is going to act on the matter!

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