Spoiler! Avengers Infinity War Leaked Photos Show Thor’s New Weapon

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A few days back, a leak from Avengers: Infinity War showed Spider-Man and Dr. Strange in a fight sequence, and now again another leak featuring Spider-Man has made its way to Reddit, Comic.book.com reports.
This leak also gives hints of Thor’s new weapon. If you remember, the God of Thunder’s hammer Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Ragnarok. Fans are reasoning that Thor’s hammer will be replaced by the Ultimate Mjolnir in Infinity War, thanks to the POP box picture.

Before this leak, another leaked photo a few days ago gave a glimpse of Thor’s new weapon. The speculation of new weapon started a debate when Marvel released promotional artwork from the movie featuring Thor’s new weapon.
Marvel hasn’t confirmed any information about his new weapon, but actor Hemsworth who plays Thor recently said that the weapon will make fans go cray-cray! “You’ll have to see, I can’t give that away,” Hemsworth teased back in October. “But there is something pretty exciting coming. I think the fans will know and love and be excited for it.”

Apart from the weapon, it also seems that Thor will get his eye back. In the trailer, God of thunder is seen without one eye but in promotional arts and now in the leak, Thor is likely to get his eye back but will showcase a brave scar on his face. Avengers: Infinity War is slated to releases on May 4.

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