Top 7 Reasons Why Venezuela Has The Most Beauty Pageant Winners!

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The moment Stefania Fernandez was named Miss Universe, Venezuela extended its score of international beauty pageant winners even further. Venezuela won its sixth Miss Universe title when this 18-year old won the title.These are the top-most reasons according to us, as to why this South American country always seem to do well in world beauty pageant competitions –

1. Venezuelans are merry

Venezuelans are generally very happy and content people, according to the World Values Survey. So, happy people are always beautiful!
In fact, approx. 55 per cent of Venezuelans upon being asked whether they are happy or not, replied they were “very happy.”

2. Venezuelans live exotically

Venezuela is a country of people belonging to mix descent. Out of the aggregate population of approx. 28 million, there are millions of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Arab and Africans.
Around 60 per cent people are known as ‘Mestizo’, meaning a blend of Europeans and Amerindians.

3. Venezuela is a gorgeous, diverse nation

The country lies at the northern extreme of the continent of South America, and is bordered by Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana and also the Caribbean Sea.
There is abundance of striking natural beauty in Venezuela ranging from snow-capped Andean mountains to Amazonian jungles, to beaches of splendid sight.

4. Venezuelans like natural beauty

Amongst all the flora and fauna, there are spots of amazing natural beauties like the Angel Falls towards the south that is surrounded by a little wonder which show how aesthetes the Venezuelans are.
Venezuela’s national tree is ‘Araguaney’ which during the springs looks so lush and beautiful that famous novelist Romulo Gallegos did refer it as ‘the golden spring of the araguaneyes’.

5. Venezuelans live close to the beach and sea

Venezuela has approx. 2,800 kilometers (1,740 miles) of coastline and around 73 per cent of the total population in the country lives less than 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the coast.
No wonder we find there abundant colors, beach bodies and tangled, ingratiating locks.

6. Venezuelans are Roman catholic

As per most sources, between 92 to 96 per cent of Venezuelans is Roman Catholic.
Maybe it’s the morality of the religion which makes its women so beautiful and charming.

7. Venezuelans are madly keen on beauty pageant competitions

Perhaps, this is the most significant reason as to why Venezuela has the most beauty pageant winners.
The ‘Miss Venezuela’ contest has been running since the year 1952 and is the national beauty pageant competition in the country.
Each year, many thousands of female entrants apply for this beauty pageant and some young women and girls would attempt for five or even six times consecutively to win one of the most coveted titles.

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