A Trip Down Memory Lane: 10 Hollywood Movies In Which Shashi Kapoor Worked

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Shashi Kapoor, one of the best looking actors of Hindi film industry has left Indian fans to fall in his reminisces after his demise at the age of 79.

Shashi Kapoor, a three-time national award winner and honored with Padma Bhushan and the Dadasaheb Phalke award as worked in more than 160 movies in his filmy career. The veteran actor who made his debut in 1961 with the movie Dharmputra was not only a top Bollywood actor but also first Indian actor to work in Hollywood movies. The cross over star had worked in memorable Hollywood movies like The Householder and Shakespeare-Wallah.
Here we are listing 10 Hollywood movies Late Padmabhusan Shahsi Kapoor worked in-

1. The Householder

Released in 1963, this movie is a story of a young Indian newlywed man who finds his independent wife irksome and asks for help from his mother, friend, and a swami.

2. Shakespeare-Wallah

Shakespeare-Wallah was released in 1965. Story revolves around a family troupe of English actors in India, who travel around the towns and villages giving performances of Shakespearean plays.

3. Jinnah

Released in 1998, this movie is abiography of Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

4. A Matter of Innocence

‘A Matter of Innocence’ is a love story of innocent Miss Polly and Indian local boy. It was release in 1967.

5. Bombay Talkie

Released in 1970 this movie crafts story of an English writer, Lucia Lane who arrives in Bombay to watch the shooting of a movie based on her novel, where she falls in love with actor of that movie.

6. Siddhartha

Released in 1972, this movie is based on life of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

7. Heat and Dust

The movie is knitted around a lady Anne who arrives in India to investigate life of her aunt and get fascinated by Indian culture. Heat and Dust was released in 1983.

8. Sammy and Rosie Get Laid

This movie tells the story of an unconventional middle-class London married couple, Sammy and Rosie. Released in 1987, it revolves around the chaos and complexity of some relationships.

9. The Deceivers

Released in 1988 this movie is about a secret society of murderers, and of the man who exposed them in British India in 1825.

10. In Custody

This movie is a comedy movie telling story about an Indian university teacher who faces various hurdles in his attempts to document the final writings of an ailing, alcoholic poet whom he idolizes. Released in 1993 this movie is an epic comedy drama.

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