When Twinkle Khanna Wrote All Around Why Akshay Kumar Called Her Insane And Elephant

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You know Twinkle Khanna is full of jive and when she speaks, trust her humor. Her writing is full of acumen along with a proper blend of life experiences. She knows how to handle her house, society, trolls, media, as well as her super famous husband Akshay Kumar.
Twinkle shared her experience from a safari in South Africa in her recent blog titled ‘What an African safari teaches us about need vs greed’. This blog is about Twinkle’s excuses to cancel a family outing plan because of long journey. So, the blog says: “Let’s just cancel the safari and get a refund!” I hollered at the man of the house from the shower stall. “Their website clearly states refunds are not possible,” he yelled back.

Right at that moment, I had a eureka moment though unlike the excitable Archimedes, I didn’t leave the bathroom and start running naked on the street. ‘I have an idea. Just call them and say that one member of our group passed away last night and according to our religion, one cannot leave a dead body alone for the first 48 hours! So either they give us a refund or tell them we’ll just have to bring the corpse along.’ The man of the house did not seem amused, ‘Sometimes I think you are insane! I am doing no such thing, we are going and that’s final.’
The blog reads: ‘Elephants form deep family bonds like us,’ he explained. ‘Last year, one of our younger elephants died and I saw the rest of the herd gather around it to mourn. They didn’t leave the body for days.’

‘My wife is very much like an elephant!’ And when I gave him a nasty glare, the man of the house hastily added, ‘Oh I didn’t mean size wise! Just the way she believes in keeping her family close and their corpses even closer!’

Well that’s hilarious, isn’t it?

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