Twitter Asks Big Boss To Eliminate Akash For Calling Hina Khan “Disgusting Person”

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Bigg Boss season 11 is moving towards its finale but seems like BB 11 contestants are in no mood to resoleve their issues and maintain peace in the house. It was just the starting of the New Year and two of the house members got into an ugly fight, giving names to each other.
This fight between Hina Khan and Akash Dadlani took place when Shilpa Shinde and Hina asked Akash to wash the utensils, but he denied and said will do it at night. To which Hina snapped saying, “Someone needs to work now”. After her comments he got into war of words with Hina and called her a “disgusting person”.

Shilpa also tried to intervene in the fight, however, Akash Dadlani was in no mood to listen anyone. She tried to patronize him but Akash ingnored her and asked to leave him alone.
Comment of Akash for Hina has made people on social media angry. Twitter has slammed rapper Akash for his behavior toward Hina.


Probably, Salman Khan will raise the issue in the coming Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday to resolve the issue.

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