Twitter Launches “Add Another Tweet” Feature To Make Posting Tweetstorms Easier

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After expanding the 140 character limit to 280 characters, Twitter announced officially on Tuesday that it would make it easier for users to build “tweetstorms” by linking together posts in “threads” to offer a length to the famous short-form messaging service.

Lately, Twitter has been working really hard to bring new features to make this social media platform more engaging and catchy. New feature called the “Add another Tweet” will allow you to stitch together a Twitter thread in a single tweet.

The newest “Add another Tweet” feature is out for the testing process already. Twitter has already started rolling out this feature to everyone, Twitter states,”We’re rolling out these updates to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks.”

Many users have already got the feature, in case you haven’t got yetupdate your Twitter app to the latest version and test the feature. This ‘Add another Tweet’ feature is available for both Twitter mobile app as well as the desktop version.

Directions to use Twitter’s Add another Tweet feature:

  • Compose a Tweet and post it.
  • Once you post the Tweet, click on the reply icon below the Tweet and you’ll now see a ‘+’ icon right next to the  Tweet button.
  • Click on the ‘+’option and a new dialogue box will appear called “Continue your thread”
  • Now, you can write anything you want to continue your narrative.
  • Now post it by clicking on the “Tweet all” option

Now repeat the same process as many times as you want to complete your narrative.

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