Two Australian Cricketers Team Up To Take “Best Catch You’ll Ever See” & Made Twitter Crazy

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In the 16th over of the match in which Renegades were chasing 174 for a win, Bravo was looking menacing but it was Ben Laughlin and Jake Weatherald who amazed us all. Bravo hit a ball and head it toward the boundary high in air, but what we witnessed next was sheer brilliance and rare to attempt.
As Bravo’s lofted off-drive was heading over for a six high in air, Ben Laughlin ran towards the boundary rope jumped and caught the ball. Laughlin was on the verge of crossing the boundary line with ball in his hand, but what he did next was like a dream, he threw the ball backwards as he dived across the rope. Watch the clip here-

What happened next is add to the beauty, Laughlin whipped the ball back to Weatherald who was around 30 metres away. To the astonishment of over 20,000 fans at Etihad Stadium, the ball stayed in the air long enough for Weatherald to run around and take a superb diving catch, once again superb catch.
Michael Slater in the commentary box described this catch as “the best catch you’ll ever see”. Now fans of cricket are going all crazy on twitter. And why not……these two deserve all the loud and praise!

This is the magic of this sport….. you witness magic!

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