Two Men Attacked With Blades In North Delhi For ‘Urinating In Open’

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Two young men were attacked with blades and got several cuts when they were allegedly urinating in a public space in Timarpur of north Delhi.
This violent incident took place in Sanjay Basti, a slum in north Delhi’s Timarpur on Monday night. According to Saluja’s police complaint his friend had just chosen a spot outside the slum to relieve himself when a local youth approached him and began slapping him furiously.

The attacker didn’t like their act of urinating there. When Saluja and his friend stood up against the attack, attacker called his friends and again attacked with sharp blades giving them several cuts while punching violently.

A police officer said, “The youths were attacked for urinating in the open. We have arrested three men and booked them for causing hurt by using a dangerous weapon,”
Though we shouldn’t support violence, it is necessary to stop open defecation in other non-violent ways. Open defecation is a major problem in India, which needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Urination and defecation is already a punishable offense, a fine of up to Rs 500 is liable in Delhi if a person is seen doing so. But more than punishment we need enlightenment and self realization.

People on twitter are condemning act of attackers as well as victim.


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