Watch Viral Video Of Government School Teacher Getting Massage From His Student

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Video of a teacher in a government school of Damoh, Madhya Pradesh while getting his back massaged by a student is going viral right now.
In the video, the teacher is seen lying face down on the floor and a student is walking along the spinal column to massage with his feet. Other students can be heard talking in the background but what they are chatting is not audible.

The circumstances causing the back massage are unclear in the video, and it’s difficult to say whether teacher was really in pain or he was doing it out of ignorance. After video went viral, authorities initiated a probe into the matter. Madhya Pradesh’s school education minister Deepak Joshi has assigned district-level officer to look into the incident and submit a report.

Deepak Joshi said the government has asked the District Education Officer to submit a report on the incident, he also added that the teacher will be suspended once the authorities receive a complete report.

Joshi said,”We have asked our district education officer to submit a report on the incident. The teacher will be suspended once we get the complete report”.

When asked, the teacher clarified that his body was aching, which is why he had asked the student to give him a massage. However, the students claim that the teacher often made them massage him.
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