What you should definitely know about Randeep Hooda

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Playing a truck driver cum criminal in “Highway” to a prisoner and Patriot Sarabjit Singh in “Sarabjit”, Randeep Hooda acted each character with perfection and flawlessness. He is a standout amongst the most underrated Bollywood performers, who likewise accumulated a great appreciation for his versatile selection of characters.

1. The ABC of Randeep Hooda


Randeep Hooda actually qualifies for the long-heralded phrase used for women that God must have made him on a weekend with ample leisure and added extra features to boot. He is the Shangri-la of men with looks, body, talent, and an attitude to match.
As a prototypical representative here’s some gospel truths about the man.

2. Australian Sojourn


In his debut, Monsoon Wedding, he’s an NRI. A part he got thanks to his Australian accent, acquired while doing his management studies in Melbourne. During this course, he had stints as a car-washer, waiter, taxidriver, and even a beach lifeguard.

3. Back to the beginning


A rebellious childhood earned him the moniker of Randeep Don Hooda on leaving high school. He grew up with his strict yet loving grandmother, while his parents were working in the Middle-East. Many stories attribute this to the separation with his parents as the basis of an uncomfortable relationship between them. However, after boarding schools, he now wants to spend more time with them to make up for lost time and lost love.

4. Close confidantes

Featured in the ‘sexiest men alive list’, Randeep has been close to Sushmita Sen, Neetu Chandra, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kajal Agarwal among others. He once said in an interview that he found young girls annoying and insensitive, unaware of sexuality. Also, he prefers full-figured women as opposed to size-zero.

5. Flirting with fitness


This fabulously fit star has engaging quirks to his regimen. He has an intense work-out session of 30 minutes in the gym, completely alone with no socializing. Although he drops and gains kilos like extra clothes, his ideal is a strong and fit core. He would rather have a chiseled chest and back than a six-pack and absolutely hates working on his calves and abs.

6. On high horses

An impressive equestrian with five medals to his name, Randeep’s love for horses is exemplary; he adopted and nursed to health nine of them, rather than buying champion specimens. He refers to his first mare, Dream Girl, as the love of his life.

7. Some junk for this Jat

This fitness enthusiast digs chocolates, vadapav, and French fries and enjoys the milk, butter, yogurt staple. He would readily give up the over spicy Indian food but does not believe in denying the body its cravings.

8. Role-plays of perfection


Randeep’s choice of roles is unabashed, unconventional and unforgettable. He is far away from the cupcake mold of romantic heroes and finds roles that test his mettle. He picks up the characters that other people won’t and gives them signature finesse. It is a hard task to come up with favorites from his portrayals, his 28 unique role-plays.

9. Social Ventures

Hooda is quite active in social media with a huge following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and is also an avid blogger. From courting controversies to posting explanations, to helming a Randeep Film Festival showcasing his own movies and memories his presence in the circuit is pronounced.

This 40 yr-old justifiably rules the fandom, and even had married women gifting him—wait for it—condoms and undergarments! While thankful for the accolade, he thinks, the women went overboard. Well, we don’t think so!

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