You Will Be Surprised To Know What Nia Sharma Does To Maintain Her toned Body

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Nia Sharma surprised everybody by grabbing third rank in the list of ‘Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women List’ by a British-based Eastern Eye newspaper. Surprisingly, she even beat Alia and Katrina Kaif in that list.
Nia has got those luscious curves that we alllove.Her personality speaks of her hard work in the gym. So, if you want to have slim body like Nia Sharma then you need to try her routine. Her routine is not very difficult to follow if you have got fitness goals like her.

Nia’s workout

Nia says, she tries to control her eating pattern instead of working hard in the gym. At best, she chooses to go for jogging every now and then and that’s all!In her own words, “I do not follow any gym regime or yoga simply because I don’t get time. The only effort I take is to keep myself away from all the dark chocolates and junk food in the world. As far as possible, I keep a distance from all the enticing food that usually tempts me. Moreover, I make it a point to eat ‘GharKaKhaana’ which at times gets boring, but that’s anyway better and hygienic.”

Looking at her abs, it’s difficult to imagine that she doesn’t follow any exercise routine. If we dig a little deeper, it’s correct to say that our diet has 70% effect on our body as compared to the 30% contributed by the workout.

Nia’s Diet

According to Nia the secret behind her sexybody is her restricted and healthy diet routine. Earlier she used to put her body through a lot by starving herself, but later she understood that how vital nutrition is for body. Now she keeps herself satisfied with a balanced and healthy diet.
Although, she doesn’t follow any proper diet but keeps her hands away from chocolate and junk food. Being her vegan also helps in keeping her body in shape. Occasionally, she eats eggs to fulfill the protein requirements of the body, and prefers eating rice over chapattis. She is crazy for home made food.

She said, “GharKaKhaana is the best option and this way you can fill in your stomach and you are not even eating anything unhealthy and non-nutritious food. Also, as long as you are away from the junk, dark chocolates and rest of the other bad stuff, you can help yourself to maintain a good body and a perfect figure.”

Like everyone else, her diet doesn’t include any cheat days. Despite the fact that she loves Hakka noodles, she sticks to the home cooked rajmachawal.Niaavoids caffeine, and prefers having a small glass of milk instead of coffee or tea.

Now, you must have realized that Nia’s fitness routine is very simple and natural, and you can easily incorporate it in your busy schedule.

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